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One of the key strengths of Polkadot is its On-Chain Governance and On-Chain Upgrades. Polkadot upgrades its runtime which is stored as logic on the chain, thus eliminating the requirement of nodes to participate in the upgrade process. The stakeholders vote on the upgrade process through the On Chain governance system which is a multi-layered model. Polkadot uses a robust governance mechanism which ensures rules are implemented and enforced through a consensual majority. Polkadot uses a modified version of POS called Nominated Proof of Stake (NPOS) wherein nominators secure the relay chain by selecting trustworthy validators who in turn validate transactions effectively. Collators collect shard information and produce a proof for validators. Polkadot also scores high on interoperability by offering cross-chain communication. It achieves it through the XCMP(Cross-chain Message Passing) protocol which enables communication across parachains or a different consensus system.

White-Label Validator Node

The right network and a capable infrastructure system are essential for Node Services and validator services. RadiumBlock's white label validator node services provide a tailored experience created for the end user and managed explicitly by the RadiumBlock network team. Our data centers are diversely spread geologically with an experienced engineering team providing monitoring services 24/7/365. Validators can run on fault tolerant server clusters in our data centers around the world, AWS or Digital Ocean. Our snapshot failover mechanism services combat data loss, network failures, geographic disaster recovery by instantly restoring the latest snapshot as soon as it detects failure. RadiumBlock snapshot storage provides fast, pruned tree branches so you can quickly recover from any vulnerability or attack without risk of compromising your reputation or stake.

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Dedicated Nodes

Using RadiumBlock's "Node Services" option, you can run a node on any of our listed Proof of Stake blockchain networks without the hassle of finding the right hosting, setting up servers, keeping up with software synchronization or maintenance.

Our nodes are all hosted on highly secure cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean and fault tolerant server clusters in our data centres around the world. We guarantee a highly redundant and dependable infrastructure that is monitored around the clock, seven days a week. We have also successfully operated our own Proof of Stake validators for emerging blockchain networks using the same infrastructure and capabilities.

Looking for Institutional Solutions?

The RadiumBlock team cut its teeth in web2 with around 20 years of business infrastructure management experience.

Our platform does not require you to be a technophile or a server administrator. You simply choose your node, token, and cloud server, and we will do the rest for you!

Are you an enterprise or institution? We can provide enterprise grade support with a dedicated account manager, deep monitoring and alert integration, volume pricing, and enterprise grade SLA.

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