RadiumBlock is now officially on board as Polkadex's DevOps Infrastructure Partner!

RadiumBlock Investments

We believe that decentralized services that allow the users to be in control is the future of the web and blockchain is the gateway to such a future. Read on to know more about the projects that have captured our interest.


Polkadex Logo

Polkadex's main concept was to create a platform that would combine the advantages of centralised and decentralised exchanges into a cutting-edge technology. Polkadex caters to all types of cryptocurrency traders. PDEX users will not have to make any compromises in their trading experience.

Polkadex's vision is to build a fully decentralised platform for exchanging tokens in a peer-to-peer trustless environment, while also enabling high liquidity, lightning-fast transaction speed, and advanced trading features like high-frequency trading and trading bots. Polkadex was initially bootstrapped by a Web3 Grant to develop the original idea and was accepted as a member of the DeFi Alliance.

Polkadex Fungible Assets allows developers and teams to issue their own tokens before their projects are fully deployed in the Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems by simply sending a Polkadex transaction. Polkadex Fungible Assets are assets that can be used on the Polkadot network's native Substrate chain as well as the Ethereum network. Polkadex's token minting, burning, and distribution functionality provides a quick and easy way for new blockchain projects to get started.